Just like a doctor will never give us a prescription without doing an examination, the same thing is true with our entire network.  Someone can't make a great recommendation on a solution, unless they do a thorough examination.  If someone recommends a solution to you, without doing the examination, they are trying to sell you.  

There are four levels of examinations.
Level 1 & 2 ~ Gift To You / Free :-) 

If you would like a far more advanced 30 Minute FREE Strategy Session, complete the Advanced Survey.  It will take you a bit longer but will be well worth it.  

Find The BEST Solution

Once you do the Gift 30 minute Strategy Session your certified consultant will help you find the best solution for you. Yes . . . there are many free solutions. :-) Most business owners and professionals will jump in and do the Business X-Ray as it's a very low price and thorough.  
~ Step 1 ~

Great Examination = RESULTS

Enter your email above and you'll be amazed as to how through a series of simple emails, a few white papers and input from others you will have the ability to move to a solution. There is NO COST to do this. It's supported through a non profit organization.

You won't believe it . . . 

"You won't believe it . . . or at least we didn't the first time someone did the 17 second personality assessment on us.  It was amazing and gave us insights not only into us individually but also our marriage.  The insights it gave us both, from a professional perspective helped us see things we had never seen before.  It was so fast . . . still hard to believe its so accurate."
Matt and Megan Maple
Level 3 & 4 Examination
The $285 Business X-Ray has been compared to consulting which cost over $40,000.  If you are a Type A personality, "Yes" you may skip over Level 1 & 2 and just do the X-Ray.  :-) 
YES . . . Help Others!!!
When you "Opt In" to a step or you do it for someone else you will get encouraging emails and assistance to move through that step into the next success step.  You are free to enter someone else's email into the step AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION!  Individuals will be removed from other steps if in those steps.  Remember . . . introducing this to others will help you as much as it will help them.  
Next Step
Step 2 ~ Strategy Session
There is a FREE 30 minute Strategy Session which covers Level 1 & 2 questions OR a much more advanced assessment which is a Level 3 & 4 for a slight charge.