There are two major types of strategy sessions.  The 30 minute Strategy Session is a GIFT to you compliments of those who partner and volunteer with Legacy Partners.  
30 Minute Strategy Session

Once you complete a 3 minute survey or the Advanced survey, your certified consultant will schedule a time to meet and review over the results.  At the end of the 30 Minute Strategy Session you will work together with your certified consultant to determine the best solution to take based on all the information you have submitted.

The Business / Personal X-Ray

The Business X-Ray review covers 3 dimensions, 9 major areas, 7 systems, over 40 hours of your personal and professional life, the 4 phases every business must go through to get one's business to run without the own, a GEO & PAIN Quadrant personality assessment, possible business valuation . . . and a whole lot more! Again for those Type A personality types jumping right in and doing the X-Ray will save you time and move things along much faster for you.
~ Step 2 ~
Strategy Session

Powerful Strategy Session

Enter your email above and you'll be amazed as to how through a series of simple emails, a few white papers and input from others you will have the ability to move to a solution. There is NO COST to do this. It's supported through a non profit organization.
NOTE: Completed the Business / Personal X-Ray? Please make a dimensional jump :-) immediately and move to Step 3.

Fun & Powerful . . . 

"I've been through three day workshops and events.  I have had one on one coaching, have been mentored for decades  . . . and I can honestly say 'I have never experienced anything like the 30 minute Strategy Session' it blew my mind!   I now recommend to everyone I know to complete the 30 minute Strategy Session.
Dr. Gregory Simpson - PhD in Organic Chemistry 
YES . . . Help Others!!!
When you "Opt In" to a step or you do it for someone else you will get encouraging emails and assistance to move through that step into the next success step.  You are free to enter someone else's email into the step AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THEIR PERMISSION!  Individuals will be removed from other steps if in those steps.  Remember . . . introducing this to others will help you as much as it will help them.  
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Step 3 ~ Solutions
Solutions . . . Solutions . . . there are so many solutions to choose from.  How do I make the best decision on what solution to take action on right away?