Once we have completed a proper examination we’re ready to determine what the best solution is to get from where we are to where we want or need to be. The better the examination the better the solution will be!
This is where things can get a bit tricky.  There are so many solutions we can move forward with . . . which one is the right one for me.  It is STRONGLY recommended by most people in the Legacy Partner network to complete the Business X-Ray.  At only $285 it is the most comprehensive assessment and review we have discovered anywhere in the world.  Others have found that it's been worth ten times what they have invested.  
~ Step 3 ~
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Determine The Best Solution

Enter your email above once you have a solution you are rock solid with. Work with your certified consultant to ensure that you have a rock solid solution to address your challenges / problems.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Even solutions that do not cost money, still cost TIME and time is money. Completing a Business / Personal X-Ray requires a very low financial investment and is strongly recommended.

The X-Ray . . . Wow!

"I have experienced such amazing people, systems and assessments from all around the world.  I have never experienced anything so accurate and powerful as the Business X-Ray.  I had so many ideas floating through my head, so many options on what I could do.  I needed clarity to determine which solution was best for me and the Business X-Ray did that."  
Peter Miles ~ past Board Member ~ BMW
YES . . . Help Others!!!
Do you know how many people, professionals, business owners and community leaders would benefit from the 7 Step process?  We all have challenges or problems and when we work together, through the same process, LEVERAGING the same systems . . . well . . . it is true that we can accomplish far more together than we could ever accomplish on our own.  Talk with your certified consultant to determine how best to introduce the 7 Step process to everyone you know. 

If you have completed a Business X-Ray, you'll quickly see the benefit of sharing your results with others who have also completed a Business X-Ray.  You will probably have strengths where they have weaknesses and they will have strengths where you have weaknesses.  The Business X-Ray will assist you in developing profitable partnerships.  
Next Step
Think About This . . . 
Was Einstein saying . . . "What's a higher number a "2" or a "9" . . . most people will say a "9" because we tend to think in the one dimension we are in.  If there are 10 levels in a dimension, 10 is not prefect, it is masteries of that dimension.  Once we hit a 10 we move to The NEXT Dimension and a "2" in The NEXT Dimension is actually higher than a "9" in the previous dimension.  
Step 4 ~ Commit
We need to learn to commit to Thinking Differently!  This is where things get hard for people to do so we have added a bonus section below this if needed.  NOW, it will be far easier if we just take action and don't procrastinate, but the information and resources below are there for you if needed.  DO NOT continue to do what you have always done and expect to get a different results.  That's insanity!  

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
NOW . . . Again . . . ideally you trust your certified consultant and you have both determined the best solution for you going forward and you COMMIT to do that.  

Before we go further, take a look at what Einstein shared and see if you can understand it at a deep level.  What does it really mean?  If we do not understand Dimensional Thinking or The NEXT Dimension principle then we are unable to deeply understand Einstein was sharing.  

SEE . . . most people will tend to commit after they THINK / understand something (step 5) or after the SEE / agree (Step 6) . . . BEFORE . . . they DO / take action.  
Was Einstein saying . . . "We are in a certain level / dimension and we create our own problems on that level and we will not be able to discover a solution based on we currently think?"  It seems that most companies . . . organizations . . . businesses seek to kind of seduce us into thinking their product / service is a quick fix and if we only buy their products / services everything will work out well for us . . . and most of the time it does not.  

Was Einstein saying . . . 

"We are in a certain level / dimension and we create our own problems on that level and we will not be able to discover a solution based on we currently think?" It seems that most companies . . . organizations . . . businesses seek to kind of seduce us into thinking their product / service is a quick fix and if we only buy their products / services everything will work out well for us . . . and most of the time it does not."  

Matt King Has Learned To Trust . . . 

Matt King has learned to trust the right people / things, or has he?  Maybe Matt has just learned to Trust himself, or Trust The Integrity Of The System as Tom Kunz would say or maybe Matt's a great student.  

It's important to remember that learning to take personal ownership for our own choices and following through strongly with what we say we will do is critical to success.  One of Matt's favorite white papers is "Dimensional Integrity."  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 

Check out this cool white paper titled "Patience . . . The Silent Killer."  

That when others and when we procrastinate . . . that in the moment, we don't think we are procrastinating, we think that we have a really good reason for not following through.  It is only later that we seem to realize that we did in deed procrastinate and that has cost us dearly.  

The real costs to procrastination though . . . we never do really know, because we never get a bill for lost opportunities.  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 
We procrastinate . . . when money is involved. 

Often we procrastinate . . . when money is involved.  Why?  Well . . . that's not an easy question to answer, but it's often because we have invested money into ourselves or our business or something and it hasn't turned out well.  

This is where things get a bit tricky . . . Maybe we haven't gotten a good return on our money due to us investing into something we shouldn't have . . . OR . . . maybe it's because we Trust the Wrong People, Things, Programs and/or Systems and don't Trust those things we should.  

Maybe we're not getting a good return on investment (ROI) on money we invest due to us being a bad student?  

Dimensional Integrity

Working with your certified consultant to come up with the best solution.  Trust your certified consultant AND Commit to follow through!  If you follow through in a strong way and start to see results in both gaining additional time and money, you'll gain confidence in yourself and others.  
Life Masteries Institute is a 501c3 IRS approved non profit organizations and have so many resources which are free.  Why are we warning you about this?  Take a look at the following and we hope that it will help.
If we do not either INVEST or GIVE money . . . we will not earn money.  We do not know why this is the case, but it is.  It probably has something to do with the brain and how it functions.  If you are using free solutions, then be generous (do not give a minimum) and give generously.  

WARNING:  If you do not invest money, just like Russel's story below you probably won't follow through.

Russell Brunson ~ Author Dotcom Secrets 

In Chapter / Secret #6: Attractive Character Russell talks about the Natural Law "The Power Of Investment."  On page 64 there is a deep truth about learning how to commit.  
"For example, when I taught my Expert Secrets course, I needed a way to show people that they can make money with any of their talents or skills.  So I shared the story, or parable, about the first product I created: a DVD about how to make potato guns.  Now, there is a lot to that story that I won't cover in here in this book, but it illustrates that fact that you can create and make money selling your experience or expertise in almost anything.

I have other parables that I use to teach the core principles that I want and need my customers to understand.  Think about other teachers you've had in the past, those who had a great impact on your life.  My guess is that if they had a lasting impact on you, it's because they taught you by using amusing and memorable stories.  

A parable is a story about something that happened in your Attractive Character's life.  Most people let life pass them by, and they don't stop to take note of the interesting things that happen to them.  But you're different.  You have the ability to use the things that happen throughout your life to teach and inspire others--as well as sell products.  

Here is another example of a parable I used almost every time I sell something.  My college wrestling coach's name was Mark Schultz.  I had just moved into the dorms and gone to my first practice where I had an awesome time meeting my teammates and the coaches.  That night, there was a knock on my door.  When I opened it, there stood Coach Schultz.  He had brought me a videotape of this own wresting footage.  I thought that was pretty cool, but before he left, he asked me for my wallet.  When I gave it to him, he opened it, took all of my money out, and handed me back and empty wallet.  I was kind of confused, but too nervous to say anything.  He then told me, "Russell, if I gave you that tape for free, you'd never watch it.  Now I know you're going to watch it and learn from it."  Now I know you're going to watch it and learn from it."  And he was right.  Because I had made that investment, I did watch the tape over and over again, and I became a better wrestler because of it.  That's the day I learned the power of investment." 

Now, I share that parable almost everytime I'm going to ask someone to make an investment with me.  Because I know the potential customer wants success, but I know they have it unless they make that investment.  
Does This Make Sense?
It's crazy . . . how many people attend seminars, workshops and events and never really take action.  How many people invest into books, courses and even one on one coaching but then do not follow through well.  

IMPORTANT:  Generally those who see the greatest success will find the best solution that is slightly outside of their comfort zone and then they dive right in.  For those who think about it, consider it, study it . . . well those people tend to "know" a lot of what they should be doing, but never do end up doing it.

Most people do not internalize it . . . and what we mean by that is that when we internalize something . . . well . . . we DO IT!  We take action and do it quickly.

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