Taking action to follow through is one of the biggest challenges that we all face.   If we do not COMMIT to follow through with a solution, we probably will not follow through. If we think differently we will succeed!
Did you read through all parts of Step 3: Solutions to insure that you have a deep understanding of the solution and the actions you must take to achieve your success.  

Are We Really Committed?

When we deeply understand our personality, we learn how to discipline our brain to always follow through on the best things, those things that really do matter in life.  

Often we are a bit delusional and we think we've "Committed" but we really haven't. To make a Dimensional Jump in income, working less or anything in life we need to increase our Dimensional Integrity.
Study . . . internalize our commitment to where you convince your brain to think your very life depends on it, or even more important, your very life vision, your legacy depends on it. When we learn to
Often people will say "I know what to do, I'm just not doing it."  Actually that is not entirely true.  A person may know at a surface / head knowledge by they have not internalized it.  We know when someone has internalized something . . . because anything truly internalized is being done.  

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~ Step 4 ~

Congratulations on Committing

Enter your email above once you have truly COMMITTED to follow through / to take action on the solution you and your certified consultant determined was best for you.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Even solutions that do not cost money, still cost TIME and time is money. The stronger your assessment has been the more committed you will be in your follow through. The more committed you are in your follow through the greater success you will have.

Which Solutions Is Best?  

"The best solution is the one that gets implemented.  The one that gets implemented is the one we are most committed to.  
Life Masteries Institute, Legacy Partners and all those in their networks, have so many solutions, it's amazing. The one I am partial to is ActionVision. Why? ActionVision assists people in discovering their Life Vision and then living that vision each and very day.
What's interesting to me is that individuals will pay for ActionVision one way or another.  They will either invest financially and gain the amazing systems and results . . . OR . . . they will pay the price for not investing and honestly never know it, they will never get a bill.  Trust The Integrity Of The System."  
Tom Kunz 
past President of Largest Real Estate Franchise in the World
YES . . . Help Others!!!
Do we know how much it's costing us . . . financially, wasted time, energy, passion and in all other areas as a result of people around us due to people saying they are committed, but not really truly being committed?  Trust us when we say "It's a lot more than we realize!"  

The 7 Steps To Success are not seeking to sell anything.  The 7 Steps To Success are seeking to help everyone to make better decisions on investing their 7 T's To Success ~ Time, Talents, Treasure, Trust, Truth, Temple and Thought.  See . . . if we are lacking in any of the 7 T's, it's because we haven't figured out how to steward one or more of the T's.  As we learn to invest money, time, relationships . . . really anything we can gain back that what we put in.  

Don't wait to complete the 7 Steps or even Step 4 ~ Commit to start sharing this with others.  Share the 7 Steps To Success with everyone you know and do it right now.  

Next Step
Think About This . . . 
What is the difference between helping someone and healing them?  

Does BIG business, BIG government, BIG religion, BIG media, BIG medical, well . . . 
BIG anything, what you to heal.  

Thank About It . . . even in the world of physiology, do they want you to be healed or just helped? 
Step 5 ~ DO
If we have completed the first four steps properly, when then the "DO" is really very simple and easy and will just happen . . . but in most situations, for most people the DO is still really hard, and often does not happen.  Why?  Great question, check out below.  

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
Think About This . . . "What if . . . ANYTHING / EVERYTHING we did not take action on, was a result of us not FULLY INTERNALIZING what was being shared with us."  

Yes, we understand some parts of what is being shared but not the KEY parts of what is being shared OR we would be taking action.  We would be DOing what we are not doing currently.  We need to own this . . . before we expect to fix it.  

Einstein is saying "You . . ." it's not others, it's us.  
If we are not taking action on something it is for one of four or more likely a part of all four of the following reason.
    1. We do not understand the true VALUE of doing things.
    2. We do not know the true COST of not doing something.
    3. We do not KNOW how to do something with our current level of resources.
    4. It's not FUN.

Why Coaching Often Does Not Work . . . 

Most personal, business and life coaches have been been certified and / or have not deeply internalized the MASSIVE differences between people and how each of the 65,536 possible personality / frequency differences are.   SEE . . . each of the 65,536 combinations think in a very different way and if we do not know our own map or the map of others . . . well . . . we may be given advice which works for others, but could actually hurt us.

Did You Watch This Video . . . 

Did you watch this video on Step 4?  Did you "get" what Matt was talking about?  If you said "Yes" . . . hmmm . . . we can't wait for you to get to Step 7: SEE as there is the most amazing white paper "How to be the best student in the world in everything" by Alan Stein and three of his co-authors who were all under the age of 6 years old.  :-)   Maybe watch it again and SEE if you picked up something that you missed the first time.  
In Step 4, did you read all the white papers?  
Based on our past experience, most people will not take even simple steps to solve their biggest challenge, to obtain what they desire in life, to achieve their life vision and/or to even do things which we SAY we are passionate about.  You WILL need the information from the following white papers.  You might not feel you need the information in these white papers right here or right now . . . but trust us when we say, "It's only a matter of time before you need to know what is shared in the following white papers."  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 

Check out this cool white paper titled "Patience . . . The Silent Killer."  

That when others and when we procrastinate . . . that in the moment, we don't think we are procrastinating, we think that we have a really good reason for not following through.  It is only later that we seem to realize that we did in deed procrastinate and that has cost us dearly.  

The real costs to procrastination though . . . we never do really know, because we never get a bill for lost opportunities.  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 
We procrastinate . . . when money is involved. 

Often we procrastinate . . . when money is involved.  Why?  Well . . . that's not an easy question to answer, but it's often because we have invested money into ourselves or our business or something and it hasn't turned out well.  

This is where things get a bit tricky . . . Maybe we haven't gotten a good return on our money due to us investing into something we shouldn't have . . . OR . . . maybe it's because we Trust the Wrong People, Things, Programs and/or Systems and don't Trust those things we should.  

Maybe we're not getting a good return on investment (ROI) on money we invest due to us being a bad student?  

Dimensional Integrity

Working with your certified consultant to come up with the best solution.  Trust your certified consultant AND Commit to follow through!  If you follow through in a strong way and start to see results in both gaining additional time and money, you'll gain confidence in yourself and others.