Taking action to follow through is one of the biggest challenges that we all face.

If we do not COMMIT to follow through with a solution, we probably will not follow through. If we think differently we will succeed!
To make a dimensional jump, we often will not understand well how the solution will work for us or even if it will work.  Often we are seduced by companies or individuals to take action, to invest money, to do something that we think we understand . . . we feel / think it's going to work . . . but then it doesn't and we don't understand why!  

Does Our Personality Matter . . .

Does our personality / frequency matter as it relates to following through?  YES IT DOES!  Each personality type will follow through for very different reasons / motivations.  If we and others around us do not deeply understand the cure DNA as to why we do or do not follow through . . . well . . . that will not go well for us and/or those around us.  
Talk with your certified mentor about the many resources, courses, groups, tools and resources available to assist one learn / master Personality Masteries, the DNA for PEOPLE.   www.Life-GPS.org and www.DNAforPEOPLE.com are both great sites learning more about one's self and how to LEVERAGE personalities for the mutual benefit of all.
~ Step 5 ~

Congratulations on DO

Enter your email above once you take action / DOing.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately it's not enough to just DO / take action, but we need to do the right actions, in the right way, with the right people at the right time.  

Why Is DO So Powerful?  

"We have been blessed great, as a team, 
www.TanglewoodConservatories.com to be involved in / with Life Masteries Institute and Legacy Partners now for over 14 years.  We have learned and are still learning how to DO with intention, with passion, with vision and with creativity.  
We have been part of many networks a few mastermind groups but we have never experienced anything like this.  
We discovered over the years that when we are living our life vision and our passions each and every day . . . along with others throughout the network . . . magical things happen.  We have learned from Tom Kunz, 'Trust The Integrity Of The System' serves us and others very well."  
Alan Stein & Nancy Virts
Founders for Tanglewood Conservatories
YES . . . Help Others!!!
One of the hardest things . . . it seems . . . for we as people to learn is how to help people for the mutual benefit of all.  Life Masteries Institute and Legacy Partners have so many resources available to assist you help others.  We will make it really easy for you to help others.  Here are some simple ideas which take almost no time, effort or money to do.  
  • Ask people for their biggest challenge:    Try this out for yourself, if you haven't already and then share it with everyone you know.  https://solutions.dnaforsuccess.com/biggest-challenge  Help others succeed . . . and they will help us to succeed. 
  •  17 Second Personality Assessment:  People are blown away by how accurate this is.  https://www.life-gps.org/#/
  •  FREE Mobile App:  They will want to share this with everyone they know and you will get the credit.   https://www.dnaforpeople.com/
  • 3 FREE Minute Survey & 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session:  Lot's of FUN & most powerful.   https://www.dnaforsuccess.com/30min-strategy/
  • Access To FREE Massive White Paper Library:  There are over 70 white papers which cover the challenges that most people have.  The newer white papers are all 3 to 5 pages with Q&A after that.  Help people, no cost to them, no cost and/or almost no time.   Become known in your industry / marketplace as the individual who ask people their biggest challenges and someone with solutions.                                               http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/
Next Step
Think About This . . . 
If we're the best students in the world, we learn from our mistakes / "failures" as much or really more than our successes.  If we DO / take action on something and it doesn't work out . . . is that a failure?  

When we learn to Think Differently we have no failures.  

Often we think of past choices, mistakes as failures rather than learning lessons.  When we view things as failures, we become fearful and start not trusting much of anything, not being willing to "fail."  

We often don't trust things we should trust and trust things we shouldn't trust.  This is why we strongly recommended that you study "Trust" the white paper.  
Step 6 ~ THINK
As mentioned in the past, we tend to want to Think, See and then DO or See, Think and then DO . . . but to make the biggest breakthroughs we often have to DO and once we DO, take action, we learn to think & see differently.  

In Step 7, we will be talking about "How To Be The Best Student In The World" in everything."  Learning to Think Differently is one of the hardest things in the world for human beings to do.  Learning to Think Differently is a journey it's not a destination.  

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
Did you read the white papers introduced in the last steps?  Did you take what you read and learn / understand / know it or did you INTERNALIZE IT?  

SEE in the 12 plus years we've been informal education, we learned a lot of things which hurt us and haven't learned many things which will help us.  One thing that we learned that we shouldn't have learned is that learning requires a lot of wasted time and if you don't learn something life changing from a subject / class, it's not a big deal.  As a matter of fact . . . we learn that most of what we learned in class, would never apply in "real life."  

Everything we help you to learn in all 7 Steps, you will use the rest of your life.  
If we are not taking action on something it is for one of four or more likely a part of all four of the following reason.
    1. We do not understand the true VALUE of doing things.
    2. We do not know the true COST of not doing something.
    3. We do not KNOW how to do something with our current level of resources.
    4. It's not FUN.

Why Coaching Often Does Not Work . . . 

Most personal, business and life coaches have been been certified and / or have not deeply internalized the MASSIVE differences between people and how each of the 65,536 possible personality / frequency differences are.   SEE . . . each of the 65,536 combinations think in a very different way and if we do not know our own map or the map of others . . . well . . . we may be given advice which works for others, but could actually hurt us.

Did You Watch This Video . . . 

Did you watch this video on Step 4?  Did you "get" what Matt was talking about?  If you said "Yes" . . . hmmm . . . we can't wait for you to get to Step 7: SEE as there is the most amazing white paper "How to be the best student in the world in everything" by Alan Stein and three of his co-authors who were all under the age of 6 years old.  :-)   Maybe watch it again and SEE if you picked up something that you missed the first time.  
In Step 4, did you read all the white papers?  
Based on our past experience, most people will not take even simple steps to solve their biggest challenge, to obtain what they desire in life, to achieve their life vision and/or to even do things which we SAY we are passionate about.  You WILL need the information from the following white papers.  You might not feel you need the information in these white papers right here or right now . . . but trust us when we say, "It's only a matter of time before you need to know what is shared in the following white papers."  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 

Check out this cool white paper titled "Patience . . . The Silent Killer."  

That when others and when we procrastinate . . . that in the moment, we don't think we are procrastinating, we think that we have a really good reason for not following through.  It is only later that we seem to realize that we did in deed procrastinate and that has cost us dearly.  

The real costs to procrastination though . . . we never do really know, because we never get a bill for lost opportunities.  

Have You Ever Noticed . . . 
We procrastinate . . . when money is involved. 

Often we procrastinate . . . when money is involved.  Why?  Well . . . that's not an easy question to answer, but it's often because we have invested money into ourselves or our business or something and it hasn't turned out well.  

This is where things get a bit tricky . . . Maybe we haven't gotten a good return on our money due to us investing into something we shouldn't have . . . OR . . . maybe it's because we Trust the Wrong People, Things, Programs and/or Systems and don't Trust those things we should.  

Maybe we're not getting a good return on investment (ROI) on money we invest due to us being a bad student?  

Dimensional Integrity

Working with your certified consultant to come up with the best solution.  Trust your certified consultant AND Commit to follow through!  If you follow through in a strong way and start to see results in both gaining additional time and money, you'll gain confidence in yourself and others.