When you took action / DO . . . magical things happen.  We don't know about you . . . but for us when we take actions, it seems . . . it never turns out precisely as we want it to.  
It is true that it's easier to change the direction of a moving car than one that is sitting still.  Others have said "When you don't know what to do . . . do something!" 

This is GREAT advice . . . as long as . . . we're thinking all along the way.  

Thinking Based On Personality / Frequency . . .

We as human beings tend to over value our strengths and under value our weaknesses . . . which causes us to think in a way that is often detrimental to use and those around us, AND what the hardest thing to realize is how much opportunity that we're missing . . . and we'll never even realize it.   
In addition to the powerful tools we shared in Step 5 www.Life-GPS.org and www.DNAforPEOPLE.com there are many other resources and network / mastermind building systems.  You'll hear a lot about . . . in the network . . . "You have never experienced anything like it . . . and it's TRUE!  Below are two very powerful networks you can tap into AND can LEVERAGE in your own area.  
~ Step 6 ~

Congratulations on THINK

Enter your email above once you taking action / on THINKING.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a tougher one to know when it's "DONE" as it's really never done.  Work with your certified consultant to know when to do this.  

Why is this so powerful?  

"I am SO different now . . . because I've learned and continue to learn to Think Differently.  Ego so often gets in the way of how we think and we don't even realize it.  Think about this . . .   
If you could take decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience and bring it all together in a magical way . . . and then have a system for choosing the best thoughts from the entire network . . . how powerful would that be?
I've been involved in this network for decades and it's crazy how every day there is something new and exciting coming from . . . well . . . everyone.  This is all about bringing massive value to everyone for the mutual benefit of all. "  
Ski Swiatkowski
Business Owner & Speaker
Coffee Connections
Are you looking for innovative ways to meet some really interesting and powerful people in a profitable way?

Do you know what the difference between a networking group and a mastermind group is?  
www.MyCoffeeConnection.org will help you set up your own local Coffee Connection and/or virtual Coffee Connections to connect you with people from around the world.  

Coffee Connections are usually held weekly and will attract a very different type of individual than most networking groups.  

Napoleon Hill shared about the power of mastermind groups . . . Coffee Connection empowers you to build them.  
Mastermind Seminars
Imagine . . . bringing top level professionals from all different industries and community based organizations together for the mutual benefit of everyone.  Imagine 12 life / business changing topic which help us to think differently about everything!
Mastermind Seminars are held all over the world and can be hosted in your local area as well.  There are 12 powerful events.  Local HOSTS determine the frequency for each event with some HOSTS doing one a month, others doing one a quarter and some even doing one a year.  ~ click here

When we LEVERAGE weekly Coffee Connection mastermind connections with Mastermind Seminars larger events, we gain LEVERAGE and help others to do the same.  This empowers you to attract amazing people who think in a very different way than others.
YES . . . Help Others!!!
Yes . . . if you're thinking . . . "Aren't the following things the same things I saw in Step 5?  Yes, they are.  As we move to higher steps and as we move to higher dimensions the more we start to realize, it's not all about us.  Disciplining ourselves to not only THINK ABOUT OTHERS, but to actually do something about it, is key to Living A Life Of Purpose . . . to SEEING success in every area of life we value.  
  • Ask people for their biggest challenge:    Try this out for yourself, if you haven't already and then share it with everyone you know.  https://solutions.dnaforsuccess.com/biggest-challenge  Help others succeed . . . and they will help us to succeed. 
  •  17 Second Personality Assessment:  People are blown away by how accurate this is.  https://www.life-gps.org/#/
  •  FREE Mobile App:  They will want to share this with everyone they know and you will get the credit.   https://www.dnaforpeople.com/
  • 3 FREE Minute Survey & 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session:  Lot's of FUN & most powerful.   https://www.dnaforsuccess.com/30min-strategy/
  • Access To FREE Massive White Paper Library:  There are over 70 white papers which cover the challenges that most people have.  The newer white papers are all 3 to 5 pages with Q&A after that.  Help people, no cost to them, no cost and/or almost no time.   Become known in your industry / marketplace as the individual who ask people their biggest challenges and someone with solutions.                                               http://dnaforlife-laws.com/cool-free-stuff/
To assist you learn how to help others in the most amazing way . . . start to study to learn . . . to master ARRT ~ Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree.  This model took 33 years to discover / to develop and was born out of the vision to bring Peace To The Middle East and Serenity to Self.
  •  Talk With Your ARRT Mentor:  Don't have one . . . find one.  The one that you have isn't working . . . find a different one.
  • Select 2 ARRT Buddies:  Work with your ARRT Mentor to help you attract 2 people to you.  The 2 ARRT Buddies you have . . . aren't being good stewards of your life / 7 T's, then REPLACE them.  They aren't ARRT Children, they are Buddies!  Find 2 who will be great stewards!  
  • Study ARRT:  There are a number of resources on ARRT.  ARRT is so very easy, you don't even need instructions, all you need is to find an ARRT Mentor.  To get where you want in life, to get what you want in life . . . if those goals are high, then you must study ARRT and make ARRT a part of how your brain works.  
Learning ARRT ~ Atomic Ripple Reaction Team / Tree
ARRT is so simple and so easy that often people under estimate the full power of ARRT.   Yes . . . it's easy . . . but no it's not.  

What Do You SEE?  

When you watch the 1 minute LEVERAGE video, what do you SEE?  Do you SEE the magic, the miracle of 33 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears which went into it?   As you head into Step 7 ~ SEE, it's going to be all about LEVERAGE.  Our suggestion is, every time you see the LEVERAGE video to share it with at least two other people. 

ARRT White Paper

Are you looking for something that is fast, easy and fun in cloning yourself . . . in learning to connect with very powerful individuals in a simple and easy way?  Read the ARRT white paper and then connect with your ARRT Mentor and discuss.  

Read The ARRT White Paper.

When you watch the 1 minute LEVERAGE video, what do you SEE?  Do you SEE the magic, the miracle of 33 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears which went into it?   As you head into Step 7 ~ SEE, it's going to be all about LEVERAGE.  Our suggestion is, every time you see the LEVERAGE video to share it with at least two other people. 
Next Step
Step 7 ~ SEE
As mentioned in the past, we tend to want to Think, See and then DO or See, Think and then DO . . . but to make the biggest breakthroughs we often have to DO and once we DO, take action, we learn to think & see differently.  

In Step 7, we will be talking about "How To Be The Best Student In The World" in everything."  Learning to Think Differently is one of the hardest things in the world for human beings to do.  Learning to Think Differently is a journey it's not a destination.  

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”

Dimensional Integrity

Working with your certified consultant to come up with the best solution.  Trust your certified consultant AND Commit to follow through!  If you follow through in a strong way and start to see results in both gaining additional time and money, you'll gain confidence in yourself and others.