What's interesting is when we start to THINK differently we DO things in a different way and that causes us to SEE things in a whole new light.  
We start to SEE how we're not the center of the world and how by helping others, we give them LEVERAGE and they give us LEVERAGE.  


Yes . . . of course . . . we all earn more money by going through these 7 Steps together with others from Life Masteries Institute and Legacy Partners.  But . . . far more important than that we learn how to LEVERAGE everything to improve our families, our relationships with everyone we know, everyone we come in contact with. 
It's TIME for us to now start using www.Life-GPS.org and www.DNAforPEOPLE.com to help everyone else we know, everyone we come in contact with.

What do we need to do to start reaching more people, do so more quickly and have a greater / deeper impact in the lives of everyone we connect with?  
~ Step 7 ~

Congratulations on SEE

Enter your email above once you taking action / on SEEING.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a tougher one to know when it's "DONE" as it's really never done.  Work with your certified consultant to know when to do this.  

Why is this so powerful?  

"As a single mom and a business owner I have a lot on my plate and these 7 Steps are changing the way I think.  I believe by applying these 7 steps over and over again and again that I will have the ability to triple my income / profit over the next 12 months.
I started out with my biggest challenge, then the 30 minute Strategy Session, then starting my own company, then the Business X-Ray and now I'm on ActionVision.

The networks have provided 100% of my new clients and they are great clients, they love me :-) and I love working with them.  I'm just finishing Step 7: SEE for a second time so now I'm going into The NEXT Dimension with so much energy, passion and excitement."  
Emily Dunn
Business Owner & Author
In Step 6, Did You . . .
In Step 6 did you . . . check out both 1 minute MVP videos for Coffee Connections & Mastermind Seminars.  If you didn't, you'll want to do that sooner rather than later.  :-)   We mean . . . they are only 1 minute long so pretty easy to do that right?  Forward one of these videos . . . which ever one best captures your attention and email it to everyone you have ever connected with.  Did you read the ARRT white paper and then take action on what you read?  If not . . . what mental thinking is holding you back?  

Actually . . . we're serious.  We never know who will see it, be drawn to the video and then seek to partner with you.  :-)   
Coffee Connections
Check out a really cool fun Coffee Connection website.  Ideally you will want to review over your thoughts with your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies, if possible.  

Remember . . . you only need 1 other person to start a Coffee Connection.  
Mastermind Seminars
The Mastermind Seminar website will overwhelm you  . . . in a good way.  :-)  Check out the 12 topics and see which one you and those around you may be interested in HOSTING an event . . . or . . . maybe you would like to start out slower and attend one in another city?  It's totally up to you. 
YES . . . Help Others!!!
In going through all 7 Steps, you now "Know what you need to do" . . . the question is "will you internalize it" . . . i.e. take action and do it?  If you have a great ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies, you will!  To help you do this better, time block 10 minutes a day, out of the 1,440 minutes we have, to invest into working to get 2 people you know to start the 7 Steps and offer Step 0, asking people for their biggest challenge and the system will help you take it from there.  
Next Step
Talk to your ARRT Mentor and your 2 ARRT Buddies about doing the 30 Day Time Challenge.
NEXT Step . . . Start Again
If you have completed the 7 Steps properly you will have solved the problem you started with :-) . . . but will have an entirely new problem to work through now.  :-)  Did you know that 33% of what people THINK their biggest challenges are . . . ARE directly connected back into time / not having enough time?  When we learn to SEE THINK about time in a very different way . . . we will have an abundance of time.

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
Next Step
Is it time to take your goals seriously?  
Do you SEE This?
Have you been wondering . . . THINKING . . . SEEING . . . DOING, or maybe you have been DOING ~ THINKING & SEEING or maybe you have been SEEING ~ THINKING & DOING or maybe you have been . . . 

. . . you get the point, I think.

Yes, there are many times that we must DO first in order to THINK differently which gives us the ability to SEE, but of course we're THINKING & SEEING while we're DOING as well.

To gain the most SEEING, to move through DIMENSIONS in the shortest time, to make dimensional jumps or even double or triple jumps, to reduce the iterations to success to minutes verses decades . . . we must discover your Life Vision, live our PASSIONS daily, be Disciplined & Intentional.  Crazy right?  Cool & Exciting Right?  
Oh . . . We Almost Forgot.
We have been sharing that in Step 7: SEE that we would share "How To Be The Best Student In The World, In Everything."  So . . . as promised . . . we will do that.

Albert Einstein

“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”
You should know by now . . . and you should not have to be reminded . . . but just in case you don't know OR you need to be reminded, please make sure you manage Up/Out to your ARRT Mentor & your 2 ARRT Buddies.

Email them the following things.
   > Name of video / white paper you are watching and url if available. 
1. What did I LEARN

2. What ACTION will I take

3. What do I need to learn NEXT

As you have learned by now . . . we as a network value truth and being honest . . . even if it hurts.  So . . . we need to tell you a few things about the above ebook.

> You will read it, enjoy it and you'll think you learned some good things from it.

> You will most likely say "I think I understood what was being shared."  

> . . . BUT . . . the e-book will have failed you . . . and for that we are very sorry.  What do we mean by failed you?

Success would look like this:  
1. You would be humbled and realize what a very poor student you are.
2. You would share with your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies how bad of a student you are.
3. You would go back through the book again and this time, really pay attention and take notes and create your own quiz to test yourself to make sure you understood AND you internalized everything which was said.
4. You have all your friends and family asking you . . . "What's wrong?  You're different!"   
5. You would be asking if there was a workbook you could buy to help you become a better student.  

So . . . are we right? Did all five of the above things not happen to you then? 
Good NEWS . . . there is a workbook actually and you're going to love it.
The authors of this workbook have said that they are fine with just giving it away, but we know from Russell Brunson's wrestling coaches story that if we don't pay something for something then we don't value it.  So click on the following link and for $5 we will give you the workbook.  

Now . . . we know that the workbook is really worth $50 or probably more like $500 or even $5,000 dollars and we know that when you gain that amount of money you will give a most generous contribution to Life Masteries Institute . . . won't you?  :-)