The Action Card ~ Questionnaire For:
Your 16 minute Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session (16 ECS)
GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS)
6. Rank each set 1 to 4, 1 being what you like most
7. Rank each set 1 to 4, 1 being the most frustrating
“The Action Card”  We look forward to connecting...
How do I solve my biggest challenge / problems?

This Tool / Resource Helps Everyone

My Story . . . “Legacy Partners has helped me solve so many business and personal challenges it’s amazing! As a CPA and financial planner I am now using all that I have learned from Legacy Partners to help my clients solve their biggest challenges as well.”  
                                        Ken Bucci - CPA - Business Owner
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The three step process to solving any challenge / problem is . . .
Step 1: Examination - Step 2: Solutions - Step 3: Implementation
 Step 1: Examination
1. Who would be my ideal lead and why?
2. My biggest challenge in any area of my business / life would be . . .
3. If someone could help me in any area of my life, what would I love help on?
4. If I could change one thing about myself what would I change?
8. My WOW, my really exciting income goal is: $__________ / year - Min $ goal: ________
5. 1 to 10, 10 being the best how coachable do I believe I am?
    * If someone said they thought you were a “2 ½” how would you respond? 
There are additional questions below which will help us to give you even more value on your 16 ECS or 30 MSS.  Completing this information is optional, but the more information we have the more you will get out of your GIFT review.  If you would like to complete the following information 'DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT" until you have completed all the information.
Complete following information for 16 ECS OR 30 MSS
All the following information is gathered and used in the 16 ECS to gain Engineered CLARITY OR the 30 MSS to assist individuals to determine what the best "Next Step" is to achieving one's full potential.  We will call you to review your information.
I am currently working "xx" number of hours weekly.
I would like to be working "xx" hours weekly.
Do I have any other challenges?
Is there anything else I would LOVE help on?
Please rate 1 to 10, 10 being the best.
When I have a high sense of urgency, what causes me to have that high sense of urgency?
After your 16 ECS or 30 MSS is completed your certified mentor / coach will recommend a next step.
Key People To Connect
Name - Individual Who Referred You
Name - 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS) Certified Consultant ~ Optional as  you may not know who this will be.
What Groups Are You Connected With?  Are You A Speaker?
What groups of people are you connected with?   Did you know that "The Action Card" can be customized for any group of people, business, community and/or personal?  

Write down all the groups of people you are connected with and/or would like to be connected with.  Could be chamber of commerce, any type of networking groups, hobbies, interest, religious groups, mastermind groups, Coffee Connection, seminars, events . . . etc.  As a speaker you can use The Action Card for every group you speak with.

You can partner with Life Masteries Institute and Legacy Partners to bring MASSIVE VALUE to any group you are connected with.  You can use the manual/ printed version or you can use the electronic version as well.  Connect with your certified consultant, the individual who invited you to this site or call or text 630.649.4059.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are a 501c3 non profit organization with connections into many networks.  There is NO charge for most of our solutions and a minimal charge for those who want more advanced solutions. Only enter someone else's information and their contact information with their permission.
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