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Inspirational Women in
Business Today
12:30 pm (et)
Are you, as a woman, looking for a unique perspective which, we as women don't seem to hear from other sources?  This group is a most unusual group.

Leaders of Leaders
1:30 pm (et)
What is the difference between being a leader . . . and a Leader of Leaders?  


Flawless Thinking
7:00 pm (et)
Have you ever considered making it your primary goal to set up your business so that it can thrive and grow without you?
click here ~ for White Paper Library > > > Great for learning, sharing and discussing for mastermind groups.
Flawless Thinking
for Marriages
11:30 am (et)
How do we fix our "people problems" and see greater success in life?

Marketing Mastermind Group
10:00 am (et)
How interested would you be in learning how to increase your connection, sales relationship development skills? 
Looking for some successful marketing strategy to inspire you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!  
High End Home Design
6:00 pm (et)
Are you a part of the amazing creative world of "High End Home Design" and would like to build your business by being in a mastermind of other like minded professionals?
CPA Mastermind ~ Profit Center w/out work or employees
10:00 am (et)
Are you a CPA firm owner or team member looking to increase your experience, expand your business and network with other like-minded CPA's? Check out this group.
BOS for ________
05:00 pm (et)
If you would like to be a part of this event email for additional information. This is a custom event that you can be a part of and HOST for any group of people you would like to do business with and/or impact. 
12:00 pm (et)
Imagine . . . learning how to build Business / Community Partnerships which create massive business opportunities AND bring fulfillment.
Mortgage & Real Estate
1:30 pm (et)
Are you in the mortgage or real estate industry or would you like to work with those in the industry?  Learn how to build a referral machine.
Dimensional Living
Christian Professional Network
8:00 am (et)
CPN is not like any other Christian organization you have ever been a part of. We share with Christians and pastors things that ... honestly ... no one else seems willing to share.
Business Sense For Young Women
9:00 am (et)
Imagine . . . learning how to build Business / Community Partnerships which create massive business opportunities AND bring fulfillment.

Telling MY Story
4 pm (et)
Did you know that YOU have an amazing story to tell . . . and that story is your story?  Trust us when we share that you do have an amazing story and we will help you and others in this group to learn how to tell their stories in the most amazing way.
Success Circle Of 12
Mastermind vs. Networking
In a networking group, I give you a fish, and you give me a fish… and we both walk away happy… but our lives… our businesses really haven’t changed. Most likely we still own a job rather than owning a company.  In mastermind groups we learn to LEVERAGE ourselves and others.  LEVERAGE… “The magical arts of POSITIVE motivation and manipulation.” When we learn to LEVERAGE ourselves and others around us in a positive way… we fulfill our life vision… and the life vision of those around us as well.  Check out the 38 second video to the right and share with others.

The Many Ways To Do This . . . 
This can be done through virtual groups (Legacy Partners mastermind groups), live local groups (Coffee Connections), seminars / workshops (Mastermind Seminars), Mastermind Seminars to name a few.  Complete your GIFT 30 minute Strategy Session to determine which group is best for you.  
Other Valuable Resources
What is the fastest way to bring people value?
White Paper Library
When we ask those around us . . . "What is your Biggest Challenge?" and then listen carefully and follow up with . . . "That's interesting, tell me more."  We show people we are interested in them as individuals.  That's powerful!  When we then follow up by sharing one of over 70 white papers, that shows in a rock solid way how much we care and that we have the intention of helping them.
30 minute GIFT Strategy Session
What if . . . you could learn in 14 minutes how to impact people in a way they would never forget?  What if in 30 minutes you could quickly put the foundation in place for the most profitable partnerships with so many amazing, fun, interesting and profitable people?  Learn how to do this yourself and until you do, have someone from Legacy Partners assist you.
Email Marketing Library
One of the most important factors in doubling our income while working less is to learn how to better LEVERAGE our current networks as well as how to expand our networks to more people who are stronger prospects.  To get people to connect you MUST touch them a number of times with "added value emails."  

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