Do you ever feel stuck?  Do you wish you could SEE something in your life from a perspective which would give you help or even healing?  The white paper library will do just that. 
Let's NOT Get Stuck 
Do you ever feel stuck?  Do you ever feel something is holding you back?  These 7 Steps will help you and those around you, overcome any challenge or problem and see success in any area of your life.  The faster we move from one step to another, the faster we see success in every area of life.  Read & Share your thoughts!
White Paper Library
This white paper library is designed to assist you in gaining Engineered CLARITY and insights.  An awakening into how you can quickly Think Differently and gain clarity of thought in an area of challenge you are facing in any area of your life, personally or professionally.
Most Popular White Papers
The Secret About Time
Thinking Differently 
Wii-FM ~ Selfless Selfishness
NEW White Papers
Internalizing Anxiety
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YES . . . Help Others!!!
Members within the Legacy Partner network all help and share with one another as we believe . . . "We can accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own".  If you really want to help those around you, ask them . . . "With all the things you've got going on, what would you say your biggest challenge might be?"  LISTEN to their response and then say . . . "Hmmm, that's interesting tell me more."  Another great question to ask people . . . "If someone, anyone could help you in any area of your life what would you love help on?"  LISTEN to their response and then say . . . "Hmmm, that's interesting tell me more."
After you listen to what they share, point them to this library, bring up their biggest challenge to your mastermind group and/or your ARRT Mentor or 2 ARRT Buddies.  We show we care, not only by asking people the question, but by following through with some input.
Phase 1 ~ Learning To Think Differently Through Engineered CLARITY
1-1: Wii-FM ~ 
Do people take advantage of you? Selfish / Selflessness.
1-2: Consistent & Committed
Do you sense you have so much more potential that is not being tapped?
1-3: Drive & Disciplined
Do you think you're Driven & Disciplined?  Maybe not so much?  :-)
1-4: Clear Communications
Do you ever great frustrated with people for not listening to you?
1-5: Success ~ Vaporization
Why do people make us mad?  Why are some people really mean?
1-6: Best Student . . . 
Why do some people make so many poor choices, again and again . . . ?

3 Steps To . . . 

. . . Solve Any Challenge or Problem ... to obtain anything we WANT!

  • Step 1: Examination
  • Step 2: Solutions
  • Step 3: Implementation
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Step 1 ~ Examination
Just like a doctor will never give us a prescription without doing an examination, the same is true here. Read the white paper and then complete Step 1 or complete the short survey and then read the white paper to gain the most from what you read.  It's up to you.  NOTE:  If at any time you wish to move faster talk to your ARRT Mentor ~ click here ~ and/or go through Engineered CLARITY ~ click here.
So . . . I read a white paper, but it's still not clear to me.  What next?
Great question!  Have you completed your 30 minute GIFT Strategy Session (30 MSS)? ~ click here
If you have done that and you're still not sure, visit the Engineered CLARITY website ~ click here ~ or call your certified 30 MSS mentor and request a 16 minute Engineered CLARITY Strategy Session.  (16 ECSS)
I believe I need personal help, but not sure how or where to get that?  
We understand and want to be there to assist you.  There are many volunteers, diverse mastermind groups and so many resources. We are committed to assisting you in finding someone or a group of people who can help.  Connect with the person who introduced you to us or call toll free 888.230.2300 or 630.393.9909.
I am not good at follow through.  Can you help me?
If you want help . . . we can help you, but you must want help and be willing to do what needs to be done to achieve whatever you want to achieve.  We struggle with follow through for three reasons:
1. Do not know the true value.
2. Do not know the true cost.
3. We lack specific knowledge.
Next Step
~ click here ~ for the one Engineered CLARITY white paper which can assist solve any challenge/problem being faced.  :-)
Step 2 ~ Strategy Session
Once "the doctor" has the "X-Ray" or assessment, the information needed to understand all the important information, then a good healing or success plan can be put in place.  Once we do a Strategy Session or proper assessments, we are then in a good position to recommend a solution.  Next you will find what we call Phase 1 which lays the foundation for seeing success in every area of one's life. To really see success, one needs to go through Phase 1 with your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies. ~ click here for info on ARRT. 
Think Differently
Most of us think we can Think Differently, but can we?  Most of us think of ourselves in a certain way, but when we understand Dimensional Living, Dimensional Thinking we realize that maybe we're not as selfless as we think we are?  Maybe we're not as Consistent & Committed as we think we are?  Maybe we're not as Driven & Disciplined as we think we are?  Maybe we're not as good of communicators or as good of listeners as we thought we were?  
Maybe we're not as strong, tough or able to handle someone else's perspective of us as we think we are?  
Maybe we're not as of good students as we think we are? Maybe . . . just maybe.  
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Step 3 ~ Solutions
Do you get the idea that the vast white paper library wasn't just put together in a random fashion but that there was some INTENTIONAL design behind the entire process?  Do you get the idea that there were worldwide thought leaders who invested their lives into helping you and those around you . . . discover something much greater?  If you have this feeling, good for you, you're right!  :-)  
"Trust The Integrity Of The System"

Tom Kunz 

Past President of the largest real-estate franchise in the world
Are You 3 Feet From Gold?
Think about it ... "You have something you WANT or a challenge you haven't been able to solve.  Hmmm ... trust the system, and maybe you'll see something you haven't seen before?" 
EC2 and Quantum Thinking along with the Internalization Model will help you solve any problem or challenge you are facing and help you get what you really WANT in all areas of life.

~ click here for info on EC2 ~

So many white papers / ebooks ... EC2 will assign you and EC2 Mentor and two EC2 Buddies who will assist you.
Phase 2 ~ The Income Machine
Here are some classic books in learning to Think Differently about money and learning how to earn a lot of it.  

Think And Grow Rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Did the Best Student In The World e-book, change your life?  Trust us, go through the workbook.  

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

Good To Great

The Tipping Point

The Income Machine
Let's be honest.  Often we don't like to talk about earning more money, out of fear that people will think of us as being concerned about money more than people.  What's interesting is that you'll never hear this about getting good grades in school.  When we learn to reject the culture that high grades are good but earning high income is bad, we learn to think of money as something that gives us positive LEVERAGE.  

When we work smart and hard at enterprise or business, we are rewarded with more money.  That's good for everyone.  If people are rewarded with money or anything without the hard work, those people become entitled. 

2-1: Thinking Differently
Did you know if you thought differently your income would double?
2-2: Trust
Do we trust people we shouldn't and not trust people we should?
2-3: Patience, The Silent Killer
What is the difference between good patience and procrastination?  
2-4: Biggest Challenge TO Income
How do we solve the problems of others for massive income to us?
2-5: Own A Company, Not A Job
What is the science to cloning success and what is the financial reward?
2-6: Community / Business
How do we create community & business partnerships?  
We as human beings can be very lazy at times and think or say "I understand" what is being shared, when in fact, we do understand, but it's really only on a surface level, not at a deep level.  

If we want to make a dimensional or quantum jump we MUST learn to internalize things faster and deeper without others connecting the dots for us.  
Maybe we do not understand things as well as we think we do?
When we learn to internalize things, we see results, change faster, creating true success.
Internalization Model
Quantum Thinking Model
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Step 4 ~ Commit
So, how is it going with solving your challenges or problems as a result of going through Phase 1 and 2 of the White Paper library?  What's sad, but often true is that even after individuals read white papers which could change the way we think, it often doesn't.  Why not?  It's either because we don't have a strong enough, or maybe a clear Life Vision and/or we haven't connected or INTERNALIZED what is being shared in the white paper.  If you don't have an ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies the chances of success in changing the way we think is very slim.    
Phase 3 ~ Life Vision, Passions, LEVERAGE And A Whole Lot More
Things That Matter
Do you ever have this feeling, deep inside of you that you have so much more potential, but aren't sure how to get to that potential and then LEVERAGE that fully for your own benefit and the benefit of those around us? 

As you watch the short video to the right, you'll see how your passions can be LEVERAGED to do the things we may not want to do, but that need to be done to achieve our full potential.
When we discover our Life Vision, we become AWAKENED and when that happens, everything changes!
Take 20 minutes, draw out a circle and then list all the things you are passionate about and talk to your ARRT Mentor and 2 ARRT Buddies.
3-1: Discover My Life Vision
What is your unique Life Vision and why is this so important?
What am I not SEEING that is holding me back?
3-3: Dimensional Living
Learning to make Dimensional Jumps in every area of our life.  
3-4: The NEXT Dimension
What does it take to make a dimensional jump in how I think?
3-5: Unlimited Bandwidth
Is "Unlimited Bandwidth" really possible?  
How do I gain more from everything I do, and am connected with?
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Step 5 ~ DO
The following are major topic areas where white papers will be brought into each category.  To access 70+ white papers please feel free to ~ click here ~ for a full listing of all the white papers.  Feel free to call 630.393.9909 ext. 222 if you would like to have these posted sooner rather than later.  :-)   

We are very excited to bring over all the white papers and to fully develop out the 7 Steps To Success.  

Remember to share the free white paper library with everyone you know.
Phase 4 ~ My BIGGEST Challenge Is ME!  I Am The SOLUTION!!!
4-1: The Secret About Time

What would your life be like if you had an extra 20 hours of free time every week?
4-2: I Am Overwhelmed

Is it good overwhelm . . . or bad overwhelm?  How do we do all overwhelmed into good?   :-)
4-3: InTeNtIoNaLiTy AND Discipline
Hmmm . . . if I were intentional and more disciplined how would that impact my life?
4-4: Why I Choose Not To Succeed
Why do we so often hold ourselves back and allow others to do so as well?
4-5: Follow Through

Do you ever feel that if you had better follow through, every aspect of your life would improve?
4-6: Quantum Thinking

Imagine . . . if we were to have the mindset which could help us to get everything we desire.  
~ click here additional information ~
Phase 5 ~ Quantum Thinking
Is it possible to become AWAKENED the the speed of thought?  

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5-2: Ownership
How do we learn to take the right amount of ownership and help those around us do the same?
~ click here for PDF copy ~
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5-3: Work
What if . . . we could learn through Quantum Thinking how to work in a way that was play?
~ click here for PDF copy ~
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5-4: Care
How do we learn to care for people in a way that doesn't exhaust us?  
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5-5: FAST & Slow
How do we know when to move fast and when to move slow?  
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5-6: The Wizard(ess)
How do we tap into the magic which is in each one of us? 
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Phase 6 ~ Family & Relationships
Phase 7 ~ Help vs. Healing
Phase 8 ~ Multiplication / Clone Me
Phase 9 ~ ME & Outliers
Phase 10 ~ Business  (Turn my passions into profit)
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Step 6 ~ THINK
What is the biggest challenge you are facing in any area of life?  What do you want / desire that you have not been able to achieve?  Learning to Think Differently is one of the hardest things, it seems, for human beings to do.  Why?  Generally we tend to be around other people who think like we think.  To Think Differently, we generally need to be around others who think differently than we do.  Learning to turn our passions into profit is a great way to Think Differently and do so quickly.
9-1: Master & Monetize
Are you interested in learning how to take those things you are most passionate about and turning them into passive income?  
9-2: Business Sense from An Amish Millennial
What do the Amish know, that others do not?  There are a lot of surprising things you'll  find in this white paper.

~ click here for PDF copy ~
9-3: Your Thoughts . . . 
Will Change Lives
Learn how to clone yourself and earn money . . . even when you're not working.  :-)  Manage Up/Out to your ARRT Mentor & 2 ARRT Buddies.
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Phase 11 ~ More To Come . . . 
More To Come . . . 
New white papers are being added to this amazing and massive library.
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Can I Add A White Paper?
Yes, for sure you can!  Talk with your ARRT Mentor for additional details.
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I Can't Find Right White . . .
Someone in the network can help.  Talk to your ARRT Mentor for help.
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NEW and/or Popular White Papers
The Secret About Time
Do you have a desire to gain more free time and have less stress?
Internalizing Anxiety
Would you like to be helped or healed from the anxiety in your life?
Own A Company Not A Job
As a business owner, do you ever feel like you own a job versus a company?
Profitable Partnerships
Do you want to earn a lot more while working a lot less?
Thinking Differently
Do you feel stuck, frustrated, upset or are you looking for solutions?
Biggest Challenge To Income
You are looking to earn more, but aren't sure how to do that?